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Buying a property can be a difficult, time consuming and emotional process. Let our experienced team guide you each step of the way and provide you with our insight, experience and research to help you find the right property, negotiate the best price and terms for your new home and to minimize the amount of stress for you.

We are able to show you properties listed through any agency so we act as a convenient single point of contact in your search for a home.

We are high service, low pressure real estate agents focused on satisfied clients rather than a quick deal and we always keep your best interests in mind.




It’s difficult it is to sell your house.
How do you put a price on your own property?
Maybe you are asking too much, in which case it will be difficult to get a good position on the real estate market.
And when you’ll ask too little, you will not get the best deal possible out of it. These are just two of many reasons why we offer you the help you need. Most houses are sold through a broker, because his efforts can save you a lot of time and trouble.




Complete ontzorging & minimale kosten
Particuliere huurders, maar met name expats en corporate huurders geven sterk de voorkeur aan professioneel beheerde woningen. De professionele aanpak stelt gerust, maar voorkomt ook emoties van beide kanten. Ons beheersteam is ervaren in het onderhouden van proactieve relaties met huurders en met behulp van ons eigen beheerssysteem wordt de huur op tijd geïncasseerd, de administratie nauwkeurig bijgehouden en complexe vraagstukken op tijd behandeld. Technische zaken worden tevens snel opgelost.


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